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Medium Hobby Greenhouse Solar Fan Kit Example

“I built a 10 x 12 feet greenhouse and my 16" solar powered Snap-Fan is perfect for many reasons.

This Snap-Fan kit is completely automated with a thermostat. It keeps my greenhouse cool and well-ventilated. The system draws fresh air in through the inlet shutters and out via the fan. Every time I walk into my greenhouse and it is running I feel totally assured that my plants are being taken care of. 

I live in a really hot area so I need a fan going most of the day. I feel totally good about the fact that it runs on solar. And the beauty of this system is that as soon as the sun comes up and the heat begins to rise the fan slowly kicks on in relationship to the solar intensity. This means that it slowly draws the cooler air in which avoids shocking the plants.

After searching the web last year in search of a greenhouse fan system, I found Snap-Fan. Lucien Eddisford, the owner of Snap-Fan, designed this system for me after I told him what I needed. How cool is that? There is no other solar-operated all-inclusive system like this on the market.

This fan is quiet. It is super sturdy. It is beautifully engineered. And it is super easy to install.

I would highly recommend this system to anyone in need of a greenhouse fan kit.”

   -Rebecca Mehl




 Medium Hobby size greenhouse with Solar Fan Kit



 Solar panel mounted on south side of greenhouse in direct sunlight



 Optional copper intake louvers mounted on opposit side from fan



 Fan mounted at highest point exhausting warm air


inside-fan-2.jpg  shutter-2.jpg

 Fan with MC Adaptor cable ready to be connected        Optional exhaust shutter



 Shutter blowing open by force of fan



 Panel mounted with optional pole mount facing south for optimum power production



Solar kit wiring from panel to fan


therm.jpg   fan-wiring-3.jpg

 Optional thermostat includes MC connectors             All components easly plug together with color coded wires



Solar fan kits are plug and play using industry standard MC wire connectors



 Optional copper intake louver allows freash air in



 Back of intake louver showing grate that allows fresh air in but critters out



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